Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Learned something new about Colorado.

I wound up staying in a town Vail adjacent. We came in with a crazy storm. I was diverted due to a mudslide and everything. I guess Colorado is having fires. So when the rain comes. Eeeeek! Things were so crazy, we followed a jeep with his hazzard flashers on for like 30/40 miles. I didn't know people did that unless their cars were having a problem. But that guy totally saved our asses. You couldn't see the lines at all.

Anyway. It was SUPER cold in this town. But I thought it was just because of storm. I mean, it's JUNE. The next morning we wake up and it's still cold. Like 42 degrees. So I started talking to people and I guess June is the only month it doesn't snow there. ONE MONTH! It snowed last month, and I guess it starts back up next month.

I was not aware that anywhere outside of Alaska is still cold this time of year.

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  1. Hello from Colorado She Said. I hope at least you and Mr S were able to enjoy your stay. It does warm up sometimes and local stores will be happy to sell you additional temperature appropriate (winter) clothing. There are plenty of trails, even paved trails in the local towns that do not require you to scale a mountain. It is flower season for a few more weeks.