Friday, June 11, 2021

They just delayed the inevitable.

I'd say this is a pretty shit performance given all the demand they pulled forward. And they have made the  prices so high, there is no demand left to pull forward.

I mean really - I'm surprised I haven't seen construction companies start going belly up due to the high price of lumber and everything else. Allegedly lumber can triple and people can still afford new houses said no one ever.


  1. At least here people are STILL BUYING. Lumber. Concrete. Insulation. Roofing. Doors and Windows. We have tons of lumber, somehow, but everything else we're perpetually shorthanded on. We get in a couple truck loads and its sold in a day. Its nuts. Electrical never did fully recover from the shut down last year. We're running short on ACs already. We can't get in riding lawn tractors fast enough. We're perpetually sold out of hte more expensive walk behind mowers. We're seeing shortages of powered lawn tools, and the manual lawn tools (rakes shovels etc) never recovered really from last year. Outdoor trashcans, of all things, people were shut in and immediately bought new trash cans, our stock recovered over the winter, and now we're sold out again. People just keep buying. The stimulus checks weren't enough to explain it either, so I'm not sure where the money's coming from, but they just aren't stopping.

  2. It's pretty fascinating to try and figure out right? I've been doing the same thing. I think I'm at nihilism and credit for the moment. Every savings offset like gas seems to have an equal deduction like electricity and food. All of this HAS to be going on credit.

    I have been purposely avoiding shopping because what is the point? it takes so long to get things. I gave up in Oct of last year. I am still waiting for something I purchased back then. I'm sure people must be doing shopping therapy, but even that is far too unsatisfying given the shortages.

    I heard for the first time last week that construction in the NorthWest is finally having projects canceled.