Saturday, October 24, 2020


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, October 27, 2020 1:32:00 PM

    It's interesting to see this in California, but it's not all that surprising.

    That's because California voted in Socialism, proceeding then to get it good and hard.

    This Trump stuff has a hopeful look to it, but it probably isn't going to mean anything relative to the big economic flows in the Bay Area.

    So with that, let's take a look at Office Space: Zero Hedge article on how SF office space is reaching PC LOAD LETTER levels of beatdowns.

    "In other words, there's roughly 8.7 Salesforce towers, or 516 Salesforce tower floors, worth of empty office space in San Francisco at the moment ..."

    And we've done what we can to help!

    Before we moved the NA/EME update servers to Germany, we had to deal with a well-known problematic data center in Fremont for APAC.

    That data center was problematic enough that we moved the APAC update servers to Tokyo a long time ago.

    And Tokyo itself was problematic after Fukushima in terms of risks, but nowhere near as bad as random plus scheduled interruptions in Fremont.

    If we're going to have services in an earthquake zone, why not Tokyo instead of LA or SF?

    Japan also has strong legal protections for several things we tend to care about, so there's also that.

    Also: SF sales tax grifting operations nets least cash in the state.

    "Restaurant and bar sales were down 65% as indoor dining was prohibited, while food and drug store sales were down 8%."

    I would have expected an increase in sales of bon bons to Karen's friends. :-)

    Also also: Sparkly Vampire Town is in the news.

    Not in a good way, BTW.

    OMG WHAT ABOUT STONKS: Zero EPS growth outside tech for past 12 years.

    I'm long on investing in things that do not expose me to American taxes for IRC 877 types of reasons.

    But once again ...



  2. "In other words, there's roughly 8.7 Salesforce towers, or 516 Salesforce tower floors, worth of empty office space in San Francisco at the moment ..."

    I wouldn't get too exited about the death rattle in San Fransisco. It was never considered a tech place until Ed Lee. And we won't miss it now. It's sucesses or lack thereof makes no difference to us.

    The reason food hasn't picked up there is - you can't eat outside in one of the best climates. The homeless are just too overwhelming for outdoor dining. Period. They are exhausting.

    San Fransisco can eat itself for all I care.

    Re:Sparkley Vampire town. (smile) I see it's grown since I was there. Said in the most sarcastic way. The article describes it as a two light town and that is what it was when I was last there a long time ago. I only read about less than half the article because obviously that guy gets paid by the word - but none of that surprises me. The only thing for entertainment when I was there was BINGO. With no logging anymore, it's just poverty really.

    Regarding the Trump thing - you are probably right. But there is enough of us now that the anti Trumpers are finally backing down. Before they could do anything they wanted. Now they get they are becoming a little outnumbered and are finally not as bold as they once were.

  3. Apparently even over at American Digest, they're noticing something's different in California.

    They're the kind of folks who have such memorable quotes as "on any given day, the world is one bullet from being saved".

    *Citizen Kane slow clap effect*

    But obviously they've never seen Davos.

    You're going to need a bigger ... form of direct representative democracy. :-)


    Oh, also, panic now and enjoy the rush.

    BTW, Bloggermonsterzombie's all-too-predictable election time (3n50r5h1p is at an all-time high, and so we're now back to the regularly scheduled program of Bloggermonsterzombie eating comments and general fuckery.

    So my comments to Bloggermonsterzombie about this behavior are in the single digits, as in the extended middle ones of my two hands.