Saturday, October 31, 2020

Pompadour duck.

He bougie. 

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  1. 'Sup honkies? :-)

    Intel's trying to say "fab-less" without saying fab-less when they're looking to "outsource" production.

    To the extent that we're committed to "Intel", it's really AMD and x86-64 right now, but the idea of Intel doing this is interesting for several reasons.

    If Intel moves its corporate HQ and residency outside the US to somewhere more neutral (hello Intel, Switzerland is calling), that would put them in the Mos Eisley global chip maker position and not AMD or NVIDIA+ARM.

    There will probably be some pro forma bitching and whining about Intel's "technology" moving outside the US, but the competitive technology isn't really theirs to begin with.

    Intel can't seem to get 7 nm to work and their 10 nm was a bit disappointing, and if they stay in the US, AMD may need to throw them a few bones to survive just so AMD can avoid anti-trust actions.

    We're not using AMD's best or latest stuff anyway, so we could afford to switch, and it'd be relatively painless since we don't need AMD-only or Intel-only CPU instructions.

    But I have to love how a Liberaltopia like The Serene and Majestic People's Republic of Western Oregon is crapping itself silly over the idea that Intel doesn't love them anymore.