Sunday, October 04, 2020

Deep in Silicon Valley.

It's much more common to see this, than Biden signs in yards. There is very little enthusiasm for Biden at all honestly. It's especially interesting because everyone here wants to tell you their feelings in bumper sticker form. Which are noticeably absent for Biden.

It's been fascinating watch the evolution of Trump here. I was at the San Jose rally in 2016 where people were driving around San Jose blasting that fuck Trump song. It's a very different vibe this time around. I do not believe Biden will win in a landslide here. I don't care what the polls say.



  1. I saw the same thing here for 2016. Of course Hillary took the state, NYC assured that, but basically the entire rest of the state voted for Trump. The newsies were shocked, but all you had to do was look around to see it. And I expect it to be the same this time around.

  2. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, state officials decided they could trespass on private property to remove a TRUMP sign overlooking The 405 that's reminiscent of the HOLLYWEIRD sign.

    Oh, look, a browser plug-in auto-corrected HOLLYWEIRD to HOLLYWEIRD. See? :-)

    I told it to do that, because everyone now knows there's too much wood in Hollyweird.

    But no, that's not the dumbest shit California can do this week.

    Governerd Newtsome's office tells people dining out to wear their masks between bites of food.

    The Trump campaign should be happy that Circle D has all of this going on to encourage Circle R to come out in force to vote.

    Oh, but who am I voting for with my absentee Florida ballot?

    Nobody at all, because I didn't request a ballot and I'm not going to.

    I've already voted with my feet, and if it weren't for The Rona, the entire question of having a ballot wouldn't even be an issue.

    The border's still not open where we had the meeting scheduled, and so we've had to reschedule with an additional delay of a few months, which is apparently the case for a bunch of other people as well.

    You'd think that for $2350 you'd get something resembling efficient service in rescheduling, but no! :-)

    There are countries with zero deaths and not even a full set of hands and toes worth of infections that are acting like the world has ended.

    Right now I can travel to Italy as well as a bunch of other places that are currently closed to Americans, all because of Swiss residency and other passports.

    Fortunately one of those countries that's as snugasabuginarug is one of those passports, although if I went there to visit, I'd get another quarantine period, not under self-imposed quarantine but instead in a government facility (which sucks).

    Sweden's looking pretty good for a short part of my vacation time next year.

    No plans at all to return to North America.

    Here's a song for all of those lovely people under government-mandated lockdowns.

    "I like it here, it's nice!" :-)

  3. It's notable that the vast majority of the time, everyone with a Trump flag has the American flag flying as well. I've yet to see a Biden/Harris sign along with an American flag flying.

  4. Agree.

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