Friday, August 14, 2020

Slow progress is still progress.

Mr S. finally got the bed extender in last weekend. We had to wait four weeks for this part. We have a bed cover which made it so the extender couldn't do the full rotation without it. But it's in now.


  1. Capital of Texas refugeeFriday, August 14, 2020 5:29:00 PM

    So when are you moving to South Dakota with that small truck of yours?

    Throw a few hay bales in the back and the locals won't pay you any mind.

    Remember when I kept telling you to PANIC NOW AND AVOID THE RUSH?


    Don't bother with moving to the Massachusetts of Dixie for the BBQ: the Governerd of North Carolina's an even bigger prick than Governerd Newtsome, as hard as that may be to believe.

    It's so fucked up in North Carolina that there are people who can't get their EMS certifications done in order to join the "front lines" of this ongoing fiasco.

    But the Sturgis bike rally happened in South Dakota this week ...

    Yeah, not a lot of mask wearing going on there.

    You'd be totally OK. :-)

  2. I love experiments to death. I just don't want to be involved in them. Most of those Sturgis guys are square in the "high risk" category don't you think? But....~ let's see~ what happens.

    Just a few months ago, weren't you trying to convince me that ~I~ should move to North Carolina?~ Glad I didn't listen to you - I'd be paying reparations apparently. Even California isn't that fucked up currently. I think I will stay here for now. At least it's sunny.

    I don't haul a lot of stuff. I don't need a huge truck. This is California and even parking a medium size truck can be a huge bitch. The double cab lets me have the best of both worlds. If I need to haul something too long, I roll down the back window and put it through the inside to the front window. The back seats flip up, so I have all that inside space. I'm mostly doing the bed extender to pick up doors.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, August 15, 2020 5:29:00 PM

    Me: "You should move to North Carolina!"

    My friends at first: "Really? What's good about it?"

    A few days later: "North Carolina ... that was just you fucking with us in that Texan way you do with all of your friends, wasn't it."

    Yes it was. :-)

    Living in North Florida made this habit worse because I started to adopt those Burt Reynolds-like habits of North Florida people where they'll mess with people for pure entertainment.

    "I heard you like your BBQ made out of slow-roasted possum from a dusty county road."

    "Well, I heard you like pickled possum peckers with a shot of Tabasco on them."

    It's no wonder Florida Man can get into fights. :-)

    Seriously, it sounds like Governerd Roy "I'm A Bubba Dumbass" Cooper's fucked North Carolina for everyone, almost as bad as Governerd Jay "The J Stands For Jack-Off" Inslee in Washington.

    The BBQ's pretty good though in North Carolina, but if you like pork BBQ, try Alabama BBQ instead sometime.

    The only reason Raleigh/Durham might work for you is that there's somewhat compatible work for you and Mister S there, but you'd actually be better off in The People's Republic of Austin or somewhere near it. You've mentioned names before that you'd recognize in Northwest Austin.

    Just don't buy a place out on Bee Caves Road, that's what some of the other "Californians" want to do when they cash out of the Incontinent Bear State.

    "This is California and even parking a medium size truck can be a huge bitch."

    WHAAAAAAT? This is the Bay Area because parking a sumbitch-sized truck in Bakersfield was only very rarely a tricky thing.

    It's because most Californians want to cram up along the coasts and ignore what's farther inland, and that's why it's a bitch to find a parking space for a truck in SLO but not as hard in Mount Shasta.

    But here things aren't any different in a lot of ways: there's a professional class of bureaucrats who like making up rules that not only most people don't give a shit about, but also most people don't even know they exist.

    Having to have at least two of each kind of pet and having to pay dog taxes, those are two things most people actually know about, but the infamous "10 PM shower law" has so far not affected me.

    Maybe in a place with poor insulation and crappy plumbing, there would be some who care, but here, nobody gives a shit when I take a shit at 2 AM.

    Just as long as I leave the blower fan on, that is.

    It's really not about obeying the letter of the law, just about not being a total asshole, so I can live with that.

    I can still bust people's balls if I think they won't get too offended.

    "Would y'all like some masks? Since I haven't got my COVID-19 test results back, maybe I should put a little kiss on the package so you can swab that for me and let me know?"

    "Ah ... nah, we're good without the kiss, the masks are good though."

    I did get my results back after that: negative, of course.

    Green tea capsules, beet root capsules, and Cal/Mag/Zinc horse pills can do wonders to block the common cold as well as this crap, BTW.

    Just don't take them with you to Austria.

  4. > "This is California and even parking a medium size truck can be a huge bitch."

    > WHAAAAAAT? This is the Bay Area because parking a sumbitch-sized truck in Bakersfield was only very rarely a tricky thing.

    Around 10 years ago, all the businesses in the Bay Area redrew all their parking spaces, converting most into "Compact" car spaces, leaving only a few full size spots per lot. So finding a parking space for a fullsize truck is competing for a scarce resource.

  5. Yeah. That was the first thing they tried to get you to stop driving because Uber was going to take everyone everywhere.