Thursday, August 06, 2020

It will be interesting to see what sales and marketing do when they figure out these online conferences don't move product.

I mean, if ~I~ can see it on the internet - what do you need me for?  I'm not going to repeat your talking points. If I don't see it in real life - I probably don't write about it.

I refuse to do zoom conferences. Occasionally I will watch the playback. But honestly - people usually aren't more interesting on the internet than they are in real life.


  1. Dude! WTF? I'm about to tell you to fuck off. You keep comment bombing me with video links I'm definitely not going to watch now. You can't even be bothered to make a clickable link. And even if you did at this point you are kinda ruining your welcome. Why do you keep doing this?

    16 comments in a row. What - the - fuck ?

    Last time you said it was because you got a little drunk. Leaperman - this is not a good look. You are literally the first person I have ever had to comment about their behavior.

  2. Hello She Said,

    Your post states you "refuse to do Zoom conferences." Seeking clarification, do you refuse to do video communication, Zoom or open ended video communication?

    Just read on another blog that posits NYC will never recover from COVID-19 and the protests as recent bandwidth improvements (last decade or so) have made video communication viable rendering most physical presence white collar activity in NYC unnecessary. The work will be done, just not in NYC and much will now be over video.

    Schools, Doctors, NYC and just about everyone seems to be (trying) shifting to video. Looks like a seismic trend. I expected you would be out there surfing the lead.

  3. Hey Jeff! Just Zoom .I don't like the data being routed through China. I don't really find video chat ground breaking. They had been working on video phones for a million years. That's why I'm not really blogging it. It feels sort of like the year 2000. And frankly it's just ridiculous we don't have more secure American sources for video chat. I just can't believe so many companies conduct so much business over these platforms instead of secure systems from within.

    I hope you are staying well. Good to see you.