Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Four times the effort for half the result.

It's been really hard to figure out what to talk about. I'm in full apathy at this point. What does anything really matter? What's the point of talking about the economy? The market is down only slightly more than 3000 points from the top. Everything is a wreck. At least the cacophony of virus deniers have settled down. But hey - at least we aren't Beirut!

I have actually been really busy. I have a house and infinite things to keep me busy. I'm not locked down, but what difference does it make? It takes so much effort trying to find out if anything is open, why bother? Seriously - I don't understand in this day and age why businesses can't figure out the complete basics. Like if you are open or not. I've seen places that were open, but all their social media said was closed and obviously lot of the other way. It's completely frustrating for those of us trying to keep places alive.

Everything these days feels a lot like pushing water uphill.

Errands that used to take you less than an hour are now an all day affair because there are shortages of stuff, or just a line. So really..... why bother?

All I can say at this point - winter is going to be awesome. SAID IN THE MOST SARCASTIC WAY.


  1. "shortages of stuff, or just a line. Sounds like the stories that used to come of the Soviet Union back in the day!

  2. Settle down Clem Fandango. That's a bit dramatic. It's funny that as Americans if we have to wait in any line all of a sudden it's communism.

    On the flip side - it's super distressing how after six months you still can't find things allegedly made in America. Like Clorox wipes! That is am American company. Or alcohol. These are very basic things that it is astonishing we are still having shortages of. Honestly, half the cleaning isle section I still pretty bare. Even the TP isle is finally HALF restocked. How do you not have enough TP to wipe the asses of your entire nation?