Tuesday, July 28, 2020

I wish this was unusual now.

I started paying attention to this area in Fremont a while ago. Fremont is basically the gateway to the burbs. A couple of years ago they started putting up this building. We could never figure out what it was because the piece of land was odd.

For a while I thought it was a data server building like they have in Santa Clara because you couldn't really identify rooms. The project has been dead for a year and it's pretty odd because they still have a crane on that site. How can you afford to have a crane out there for a year? It's weird.

About a month ago I spotted this gutted car but have been too exhausted to go explore it. Every week I tell Mr S. that "next weekend" we should check it out. It's been about four weekends and the car is till there. And it's not like you can't see it from the freeway. That's how I noticed it. I'm like oh, you can just gut and dump cars here now?

I didn't want to get too close because I'm to pretty to go to jail. That dead site across the street has what I call Tesla security clusters because Elon had them on all of his ghost lots. Ironically you see a lot of this shit over by the Tesla plant now. There are always destroyed gutted cars over there. But it's pretty unusual to see it on this side of town.

Fry's electronics has also now started letting derelict cars sit on they property. Not poor people cars, but clearly abandoned.

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