Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Cities should be more like Gilroy.

Gilroy Fireworks Shooting Higher this Year.

"We are pleased to announce that the City has made arrangements to have the Gilroy Fireworks display take place higher in the sky than in years’ past. This means that homes within approximately 2.5 miles, with direct line of sight of the show, should be able to view the fireworks. Residents are encouraged to view the fireworks from the safety and comfort of their own home or property, "

Pretty much all the cities in California have canceled their fireworks. But not Gilroy. BECAUSE THEY ARE SMART.

I disagree with one plan for the whole country. I think we need different areas trying different things. It's the only way we get to a resolution faster. If we all try the same thing - it just takes longer to get through the mistake phase.

Having said that - LET'S ALL DRIVE TO GILROY!

This sadly is why we all have to follow the same rules. It's because cities aren't smart enough to keep their people entertained. So they are just going to drive to places where they can be entertained. It's most definitely why Nevada is getting caved so hard right now with the virus.

If people hadn't made the beach a flash point they wouldn't have had such a problem. All of a sudden people had to demand to go to the beach. Now we are never fucking getting out of lockdown.


  1. More testing means more cases.

    I used to enjoy reading your blog! Take care.

  2. This was never the blog for if if you couldn't listen to views other than what is in your bubble. More testing means more cases is true only up to a point. For example in South Korea, more testing didn't mean new cases. Because their infection rate was falling.

    And that blog post is ridiculous. How does more testing mean more cases have anything to do with being outside? Those things are in no way connected. And frankly - what right do you have have to decide how long people get to live? If you land in the hospital I'm sure you will be comforted by the person who says - you were just going to die anyway.

    I have tried very hard to see both sides of this situation. But THREE restaurants in my city have had to close now to COVID. How does your group have the right to cost businesses money like that?

    Additionally your group seems to be saying South Korea is perfect model for what we should do. They only needed to wear masks and give up a tiny bit of their privacy.

    Then you guys are like - yeah. Masks don't work anyway. I honestly don't think you are helping Trump. I think you are hurting him.



    People who live in the valey and the beach who move to my area after they have shitted enough.

    People who need a receipt on work or who 'have' to say how important they are..
    no thank you.

    'No.' "Additionally your group seems to be saying South Korea is perfect model for what we should do. They only needed to wear masks and give up a tiny bit of their privacy."

    We are not saying that.
    in any form.