Monday, July 06, 2020

Leave Karen's alone.

We should embrace Karens. (from afar)

There were a ton of people out this weekend. Grocery stores were Thanksgiving or Christmas full. So, I basically walked around and chuckled to myself because there were a reasonable amount of people without masks. It's your choice. But I just started looking at people saying - you probably have diabetes, so you are at risk. YOU have the double diabetes. You walk like a penguin. Also at risk. You are old. You are in poor health obvi. You are in a scooter. 

Honestly it had been so long since I saw a scooter person I forgot they existed. I think people underestimate how many people in America are in poor health.

It seemed to me the people who are resisting masks are the ones who need it most. But..... whatever. It's no skin off my back. Go on with your bad selves. The sooner they become infected and drop out the better. Some of these store Karens are just garbage people. Who treats people like that? Who cares if they get it?

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