Monday, April 06, 2020

The plant is mostly idled.

This weekend we drove by the Tesla plant solely because my ramen place is pretty much right next door  I want them to survive. People always wonder what their last meal might be, and I guess mine is ramen. They are still doing takeout and we've been doing ramen picnics in the bug out truck.

Anyway, I have never seen the Tesla parking lot so empty. I expected to see this place bulging with inventory but it wasn't. ALL of the car carriers are gone. They must have all gone home because usually they are parked everywhere on side streets in that part of town. There wasn't a single one. You know it's empty because this goose was blocking the road. This road is normally insanely busy.

He is storing cars in one of the overflow lots he rents.... but normally he has cars in his lots, cars in his neighbors lots, and a few paid overflow lots. I didn't check them all out because I wasn't there for that. I was there for ramen.

The transients are still there and the place is still a little mad max because of that.

A while back I'd read they had started putting boulders up to prevent them, but when I went to check it out a few months ago I realized that only the part in from of Seagate has boulders. Which I found funny. I hope they paid for those rocks but I bet they didn't.

Ya know... I spent a while hanging out with bums when I was growing up. They never burned their shit down. This new crop of bums burn shit down ALL the time. I just don't get it.

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