Saturday, April 11, 2020


There are so many people out - you almost feel like a sucker staying inside. But I'd say about 90% of people are wearing masks now. I almost did freak out on some old guy who needed to touch every single bulb of garlic while I was in the store. I watched him for two minutes!

He did have a mask on but I promptly put produce bags over my hands as gloves and moved all of the stuff on the top and picked from the bottom. I don't want people looking at me like I'm a jerk. That is also how I picked out potatoes and fresh corn. You kinda have to pick through that stuff and produce bag gloves makes everyone feel more comfortable.

Later when Mr S. and I were having our now weekly ramen picnic I said - I don't think you should be forced to wear a mask but it makes me feel better when people do.

He said - It's virtue signaling I can get behind.

Me - You think it's virtue signaling?

He says - Well yeah. I'm not protecting myself from you. I'm protect you from me. Wearing a mask says I care enough about your health that I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

(Back when I was at Moffett Field a few months ago, a guy was talking to me on a bus, and the sun hit him in just the right way where you could see the droplets that come out of people's mouth as they talk.

Like when the sun is just at the right angle you can see all the stuff floating in the air - you could see the particles that come out when this guy spoke. The virus was in the early stages but it made me super aware what a good radius is. You expect stuff to come out when you sneeze or cough, but you don't really think about it when people just speak)


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, April 13, 2020 8:25:00 PM



    NYC: Now they tell us.

    New Jersey: Have any of these assholes ever been here?

    Seattle: We don't understand, we thought the Seattle Freeze would protect us, we were already social distancing.

    SF/Bay Area: We'll write an app that makes you do it.

    LA: Who the fuck do you think you are saying you'll make us do it, everyone has a celebrity entourage here, and do you see any of them staying six feet apart?

    San Diego: Leave us alone, we just want the Mexican border to stay open in case you fuckers go insane.

    Utah: Like we're going to change our customs just because YOU brought us a disease.

    Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, western Nebraska, western Kansas: Six feet apart? You want us to move CLOSER to each other? That doesn't make any sense.

    Colorado: This sounds like a great time to embrace fascism!

    Key West: We'll just all get on our boats and play Jimmy Buffett songs until this is over.


    Fort Lauderdale: Miami's craayzee as hell ... but we're in, there's no way we can pass up filling our hotels and beaches at a time like this.

    Las Vegas: Miami and Fort Lauderdale, eat a bowl of dicks.

    Chicago: One bowl's not enough, Las Vegas, have you seen the size of some of those people?

    Raleigh: If you can't say something nice about people, Las Vegas and Chicago ...

    Nashville: COOF COOF shut up raleigh you're making southerners look bad COOF COOF

    Providence, Rhode Island: Isn't that every day?


    West Palm Beach: What about all of the old people, Miami and Fort Lauderdale?

    Boynton Beach: COOF COOF COOF we're ok but you people are assholes COOF COOF COOF

    Leesburg and Orlando: COOF COOF COOF says you wanna-be yankees this shit's not some mickey mouse fucking game now it's getting real here COOF COOF COOF



  2. "We don't understand, we thought the Seattle Freeze would protect us, we were already social distancing."

    What is that? My girlfriend told me about it. That is was really hard to make friends because of the Seattle Freeze.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, April 18, 2020 3:59:00 AM

    It's true: all of my friends and people I know "from Seattle" are actually from somewhere else.

    Here's one for you then: you can get Cuban coffee up on Queen Anne Hill, or at least you could before this mess, and the owners are nice people ... from South Florida.

    Look for the coffee joint with the hellish name. :-)

    Some of my friends "from Seattle" have an open invite for me to visit their new place ... in Milwaukee.

    And Chicago, Providence, Philadelphia, Cleveland ... lots of places.

    They all moved back to where they were from, and so they're all Refugees From A Snobby City In The Pacific Northwest. :-)

    A Seattle Slimes article from 2017 about the "Seattle Freeze" for your consideration.

    Basically the Seattle native doesn't ever make any friends except under coerced conditions, and so the friends they have are all from high school with the possible exceptions of those from college and from some of the jobs they've worked.

    That's why Seattle feels like an even snobbier version of Stockholm with socially less adept people: a lot of people there never grow out of their comfort zone.

    Another place I won't be going back to now, actually ...