Sunday, April 26, 2020

In more good news....

Those Tyson plant shutdowns have reached my area. And I would say in general this whole supply chain thing is crazy. I know they are killing animals right now because they have worker shortages. But getting chicken here in a restaurant is like pulling teeth. Maybe chickfila is hogging the whole chain. No joking aside - you could knock down three restaurants and replace them with chickfila's and it wouldn't be enough. The one in the city next to me - the line backs up to the freeway! Which is almost all the way around a full city block.

I'm still trying to support businesses from time to time. But every one of them is on a reduced menu and they have been having problems getting supply for weeks. So even if things open tomorrow - they probably couldn't even feed you! It just sucks for them so hard.

And stores are now doing stupid stuff like making rows one way streets. How does that benefit anyone? The same amount of people are in the isle. And it's probably not your native store right now, so it makes it super frustrating to find things because the new wave of shortages have begun.

Plus you always have that one girl  (let's call her Karen) saying - you are going the wrong way. I knew I was getting a little frayed today when I was glad that girl didn't say that to me. I would have told her to mind her own effing business.

As a side note - how much does it suck to wake up one day and your name is a derogatory term?


  1. I have been paying attention to the meat processing plants closing and have a very good reserve now. Friends, family, neighbors are still in denial as it's not really hit the mainstream news yet.

    The arrows in the aisles actually makes it worse in my opinion. People start going the wrong way and then see the arrows and then turn around or back into someone. What are they thinking with this?

    Yes, I had a Karen stop in front of my at the end of an aisle because she had to make sure no one was around the corner. She turned around and saw me 5 feet behind her and shrieked that I was too close! Unfortunately my natural reaction was to smirk, which prompted her to say "you don't understand..." an went on about immunosuppression something or other. I pushed forward but wondered why she was in a supermarket in that case!

    This will end soon?

  2. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, April 26, 2020 3:46:00 PM

    "But every one of them is on a reduced menu and they have been having problems getting supply for weeks."

    And what's going to make it worse is that since everyone's stockpiling food now like an amateur prepper at least, when things start to turn back toward some new semblance of normal, a lot of people won't be going to restaurants.

    Instead, they'll be eating up all of the stuff they bought because they were buffering themselves from the risk that the supply chains would be even more fucked up than they were.

    "... how much does it suck to wake up one day and your name is a derogatory term ..."

    Karen has it coming.

    Karen has asked to see the manager or the supervisor way too many times.

    "Yes, I had a Karen stop in front of my at the end of an aisle ..."

    I know several people who have been yelling, "Move your fucking ass, Karen", whenever this happens.

    It's OK, you'll be able to get around her and get checked out while she's off looking for the manager or supervisor.

    In an Apocalypse Right Fucking Now situation, where we learn all sorts of interesting things about our friends and acquaintances, Karen gets shot by Nancy, the prepper lite chick who sprays all her stuff down with disinfectants, because she thought that Karen's infrared thermometer was a pistol with a laser sight.

    That's assuming that Shooter doesn't get to Karen first and add her to the unconventional food supply that he's building in his basement.

  3. I was in Walmart today, it had been awhile since I was out. The rotisserie chickens that used to be $5? $6.50 now but the larger $8 cooked bird was still there and still $8.

  4. I started incubating two weeks ago and am expecting 16 chicks in one more week. Yesterday, I put my 30 day olds pullets on Craigslist for $60 a bird and sold 8 of them. A month ago they were selling for $10. It seems that people will pay more right now for the food security then they will for a cooked meal. Not a ton of money to be earning each month raising them, but something to do during lockdown and since we still have restaurant supply access to whole sellers, we are going to buy 100lbs of ground beef with the proceeds. Even in a pandemic, you still can’t catch a bid on a rooster. df

  5. One more thing on the processing plants . . . if (and a big IF) covid 19 turns out to be transmittable to animals that are part of our food supply and it is transmit able from animal to humans, then it would explain why so many of the people who cut up our Walmart chickens and pigs are getting clusters of the disease. The conditions on a modern farm are 10x worse than a prison. It would spread like wildfire within the population of each factory farm and would also explain why the government isn’t interested in buying the meat that ranchers are culling. All bets are off if it turns out that our meat supply can get sick too, I honestly don’t know if the world could handle it. Screw the world I don’t know if I could handle it. The only thing that I can think of is go long impossible burger options and sell on the news. I fully expect the dogs and cats to get quarantined shortly. This whole thing sucks DF

  6. Well.... you are scrappy. But you had access to toilet paper this whole time and weren't selling THAT? Oy've.

    I can only find TP in a city next to me and they are selling it for a buck a roll.

  7. TP is too much of a luxury I installed a bidet. Literally just spoke to a rancher who wants to buy 10_chicks. He says his suppliers are dry. It took 36 hours to sell 27 birds. None are left except my layers. It's a big disconnect from the stories of ranchers destroying flocks. Looks like I will need a bigger incubator. Aquaponics is my next act. df

  8. My boss had a 'mission' the other day. He drove from here (sonora) to modesto and got there an hour before they opened. He got in before the lines but 15 minutes later, as he was leaving, the line stratched around the block and all the butt paper was all out already.

  9. "TP is too much of a luxury I installed a bidet."

    Boy - you fancy. I have never had to clean a bidet - but I think they are disgusting. More disgusting than toilets because the floating water helps. But I bet dudes love them because they never have to clean one. Let's see how much of a luxury TP is when summer gets here and they start jacking up your water rates. You just can't win in California. Before you know it they will make them low flow and outlaw them. Because that is the California way.

    As far as the chicks - I do love ingenuity. Fill the gap while you can. Hit it hard. Because of the low bar to entry when other people notice - you will have a flood of copycats.

    In general it's just completely insane that there is a shortage when Petaluma used to be the egg capitol of California! Thanks enviros.

    Leaperman - I'm getting pretty over having to shop all the time. Even if you don't want to. You never know when something is going to be back in stock. So literally every time you are out you have to hit a store.

  10. she said. I still have to shop. Right now I have a customer who needs a good webcam pronto and you can't find one in a store for hell nor money. Got one handy?
    I can buy online and wait two weeks (what is two day delivery is two weeks)

  11. Sadly I don't. Shopping webcams is like going down a wormhole. Especially if you don't want all your data at a "service".

    We ordered a car part that said it would take three weeks to get here - but it came in about a week. So it might be they are padding shipping. Or you might just have to wait two weeks. No one knows. Good luck Baby.

  12. Capital of Texas RefugeeWednesday, April 29, 2020 3:37:00 PM

    Yo, leaperman ...

    There's a hacky way to do this: see if your customer has a spare Android phone and can get it to work with DroidCam or DroidCamX.

    There's at least a PC client for this and I think there's also a Mac client as well, and the interface through the client not only uses USB, but also presents itself as a camera-type device.

    Also, the GoPro and most DSLRs will let you do this "camera tethering" thing.

    When the supply chain of webcams improves, your customer can get a webcam, or the two week wait won't be as bad with a hacky thing in place.

  13. Capital of Texas RefugeeWednesday, April 29, 2020 7:51:00 PM

    The "new normal": everyone's barely suppressed neuroses are now being manifested vividly in public places.

    "Tous ces regards qui me mangent ... Ha! Vous n'êtes que deux? Je vous croyais beaucoup plus nom­ breuses. Alors, c'est ça l'enfer. Je n'aurais jamais cru ... Vous vous rappelez: le soufre, le bûcher, le gril ... Ah! Quelle plaisanterie. Pas besoin de gril: l'enfer, c'est les Autres."

    "All those eyes intent on devouring me. Ha! Only two of you? I thought there would be many more. So this is Hell. I never would have believed it. Do you remember: the sulfur, the pyre, the grill. Ah, such pleasantry! No need for a grill: Hell is other people."

    Remember what I said about there being no exit strategy for the coronavirus crisis? Apparently there exists a "no exit" strategy for the coronavirus crisis after all!

    Except this "No Exit" strategy came to us decades ago by way of Jean-Paul Sartre.

    Garcin! Garcin! Bring us the whine list! :-)

  14. Speaking of Tyson Foods and a lot of these meat plants: They are Chinese owned. Didn't know that did you?

    Shuanghui International Holding's

    Who the f**k sold us out? Jesus wept.

  15. "No joking aside - you could knock down three restaurants and replace them with chickfila's and it wouldn't be enough. The one in the city next to me - the line backs up to the freeway! "

    If it's like here, most of them are probably skipthedishes or ubereats or whatever the local ones are called there.

  16. Oh... that's funny. I didn't think of that.