Thursday, April 23, 2020

Speculative for now.

Santa Clara County death data shows 20% increase in March, suggesting more coronavirus victims than previously known.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, April 23, 2020 10:34:00 PM

    Tucker Carlson: "This is insanity ... this is instead what happens when mediocre people suddenly find themselves with God-like power ..."

    Want a country full of stupid people jobs?

    This is also how you get that.

    BTW, recent decisions to deal with China are also being applied to the US.

    Since I'm not going to accept the new deal and that my final buy-out compensation has been approved, I don't need the job, but I will honor agreements made for assistance as needed.

    So I'm essentially getting fired from what used to be my company after getting the parachute that I'd worked for, as well as the whole fucking airplane, if we're going to use this fly-boy metaphor literally.

    Notice how totally worked up about this I am, truly. :-)

    What I am waiting for now is for the lockdowns to stop so I can work with functional legal systems and courts to get business and personal paperwork processed.

    There's an outcome that nobody seems to believe possible: the global economic situation may become so spicy that both "Made in China" and "Made in USA" are both shunned across the world.

    US Derp State Departmebnt on China nuke tests: is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

    Of course, if the Chinese nukes are as accurate as their bio-weapons, they'll blow themselves up first. :-)

    What if the new and improved version of George Kennan's "containment theory" implements a global version of the non-aggression principle, containing Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and the US as one Axis of Aggressive Diplomacy?

    Right now the Eurocrats get a subsidized ride on defense because of NATO, but what if the current structure of NATO becomes too spicy to defend politically within Europe, especially as individual countries appear to be embracing nationalism again?

    The funny thing is that this probably coincides with the ending of the current One State of the EU, but that the replacements of the EU and its Maastricht hangover of the Euro Common Market, in addition to NATO, may mean that the emergent power isn't going to be Russia, or China, or the US.

    It's an interesting historical irony if it happens: the US was the big benefactor from World War II, but what if Europe becomes the big benefactor after World War III?

    Ricardian "competitive advantage" gives way to a neo-Ricardian "competitive disadvantage", and so the countries that maintain systemic disadvantages lose out to those that don't.

    Given the exposure to excessive torts, excessive taxes, and other liabilities, I have to say that the neo-Ricardian view means that companies who can do business without the US can and should do business without the US.

    China's neo-Ricardian "competitive disadvantage" is that you can tell when they're lying because their lips are moving. :-)


  2. Sigh. I give up.

    I have seen this repeated about Sweden tons of times a day and it's emphatically not true. This is just one of those things people keep saying without actually looking up the numbers. Here - I will put it in chart form so everyone can see with their own eyes.

    Their number have in no way peaked. Here. The numbers haven't even peaked in California where every day they say we are bending the curve. Then the next day they say, we haven't bent the curve yet. It just what they say to give people hope. I get it. Sometimes all that remains of hope is what gets people through.

    Tucker is also sourcing that Stanford study which I have already talked about which is hugely dangerous. People believe in immunity which is also just NOT true. He is going to get people killed and is also propaganda sort of.

    What I know about the disease is that the first person to die was in her 40's with NO underlying health conditions. There is a professional dancer in the hospital right now in SF that hasn't woken up in 12 days after having his leg ampuated. Clearly that guy is healthy. Or was. People need to stop the politics. I understand people need to get back to work. We ALL are at risk. But they need to believe that this is not overhyped so they will continue doing the right things.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, April 24, 2020 4:53:00 PM

    See, you actually get the bigger point ...

    All the company wants to do is to make stuff and to have happy customers who keep buying stuff and paying for lucrative support contracts, and this globo-political shit gets in the way.

    The board thinks it's safer to pull out of dealing with the US, China, and anyone else who plays an aggressive globo-political game because having products marked as being from those countries puts them on the political board, which they don't want.

    And since I want to move on to what's next, I'm looking at the next move after the next two passports show up. One of these is for the country in which I would like to take up residence, and that one hasn't arrived yet, but is also in the works. (Expedited processing would have cost a lot more, by which I mean at least one house worth of a lot more.)

    When that's finally happened, at some point I can make an appointment at an American embassy somwhere and deal with some irritating but absolutely necessary paperwork which means I won't be coming back.

    World War III definitely is something I can stay the hell out of.

    America may yet get angrier and fight a war with China, but what I want is some compensation for this bullshit, and it's not like the Chinese don't have the money for some of that.

    Both parties broke the non-aggression principle a long time ago, which is why I'm totally OK with such things as letters of marque and reprisal.

    I don't have a problem with the British, the French, the Germans, and so on seizing Chinese vessels and cargo in port as partial payment for damages, as long as they can get away with it. But to be truthful, maybe the reason the US doesn't pursue letters of marque and reprisal is that the people in government know deep down that they also have a debt to settle, and what's fair for the Chinese may also be fair for the US.

    Of course, that's just a tactic to get the Chinese to the negotiating table to settle the debt. Although high tariffs on Chinese goods might be tempting, again the neo-Ricardian "competitive disadvantages" kick in, and so that may not work as well as a lot of people might like.

    The hilarious thing is how far the propaganda goes: America's right when they say this came from China, and China is also right when they say this came from America, so they can both claim bullshit "moral superiority".

    Funny how neither of them want to talk about the history of World War II.

    It's as if the US and China both have war crimes they want to hide.

    Also, Vietnam: the ghost of Curtis Lemay bids you all a pleasant good evening.

    So how you get stupid people jobs in America: everyone's so into their "talking points" that they can't see past their own nose, and everyone's a supposed expert now because they've read some stuff that may or may not be propaganda.

    Because of this, America can't even make peace with its own internal supply regions, let alone anyone else.

    That's why I wanted to show you the Tucker Carlson bit.

    I don't actually care who's right anymore because that's not something anyone can satisfy or reconcile right now, and it's probably a matter for the historians sometime in the future.

    But the fucked up economy will kill more people than the coronavirus.

    It's what happens when Americans collectively cross the Rubicon as that's happening that's what can lead to the start of World War III.

    My father moved our family farther away from some US Army and US Air Force bases back in the 1970s because he thought they'd be prime targets for Russian missiles ...

    Take a look at North Florida sometime on a map.

    Right now I can't think of a worse spot to be for this other than sitting on top of a nuclear missile, waving my old sharpshooter's Stetson as if I'm going to ride the missile like Slim Pickens.

    This area is probably a higher priority target than Miami.