Wednesday, November 23, 2016

You know we are pretty high on the food chain when the food chain has to start trying to kill you.

Gluten free Turkeys. Seriously.


  1. So I've wandered into the wilderness a bit on the /pol/ and they were talking about California turning to desert again.

    New Aerial Survey Identifies More Than 100 Million Dead Trees in California

    I think you posted about a large number of trees dying recently so maybe you saw this already.

    Someone had posted this in the thread

    Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

    It's 31:35 long. So I don't know if that's your cup of tea but it is a bit interesting.

    Hope California is going well for you in these post election times.

  2. I don't normally watch stuff that long because I have a short attention span. But I do enjoy people warning me in advance so I can decide if I want to shell out the time. If I would have landed there without the warning it would be pretty much 100% that I would have passed on that. So thanks - I did watch it.

    Respectfully - I think that is a lot of junk science. When I was growing up we were all going to die from Acid Rain. Memba acid rain? We were also going to die from electrical towers. From what I can see, more people are living to be 100 years old than ever before.

    I mean, say this guy is 100% right - just because more people are dyeing of Alzheimer's only means people are living so long that they are getting Alzheimer's. Just like if people live long enough they will eventually get cancer. I think that guy has his "cause and effect" in the wrong order.

    There have been a ton of dead trees because of the drought, but I bet the same thing happened in the 70's when California had the other crazy drought. Was that caused by geoengineering too? Because if so - the government is doing a really crappy job of engineering the weather. Or maybe we have less control than we think we do. That's like 40 years. And who knows - maybe this planet is going to get hotter every single year because the sun is burning out. One day this planet will be engulfed by the sun. I don't know why we are trying so hard to save it honestly. I mean, we all want to live in a nice place but I think we would be better served to put that energy towards "geoengineering" the next planet to be habitable. That is going to take a super long time. One day we will send our trash here to have it burned up in the sun. They should be figuring out how to transport whales to the next planet. Because saving the planet for the whales is the only important thing to people. Eye roll.

  3. The thing that caught me was the ridiculous difference between the states in the West vs East in regards to temperature/rain/etc. but that could be from the Rocky Mountains. Drought is the supposed historical normal in California after all. I've seen this promoted before that California is getting this treatment, but the angle that time was that another country/company (can't remember exactly) was offering to build very expensive desalination plants at the time. I never go over the Rockies so I don't really know what is happening so figured I'd pass it along. Sounds like nothing then.

    I wasn't really sending that for the health aspects. If that is true you can always chelate them away if you were concerned. More people living to 100 than ever is probably because there is more people living than ever I imagine. And most of those diseases I don't worry about much since I do ketosis every now and again. I cannot stick to it permanently though, I can't stay away from carbs forever, I just have a special place in my heart for ice cream lol.

  4. Thanks for passing it on - I always like to hear what people are saying, but I don't think the weather thing is that unusual. I kinda thought that type of pattern was why the middle part of the US had tornado's. The warm side butting up with the cold side.

    My neighbors who are probably in their 80's said they did build a desalination plant in the 70's in SOCAL. But then the rains came and they eventually wound up tearing the whole thing down because it's really an expensive way to get water. But when you have no choice.... you pay up.

    This year we've gotten above normal rain and all of a sudden people are putting back in their lawns. Even though we did have a savage drought, our real problem was those damn minnows. They would have sent all of our water to the sea just to save them. Whotheeffcaresaboutus. I'm not sure any of them are alive now.