Wednesday, November 09, 2016

He didn't fundamentally change us after all.

Two days ago, if I would have had eff you money - I would not have bet for Trump to win. Those odds were just too crazy. When the government becomes that corrupt - the house always wins. Always. 

Most of the time you couldn't figure out where the government stopped and the media began. And that is the creepiest effing thing about the Obama Administration. I'd never seen anything like it before. The complete adoration of government. So effing creepy. The whole thing couldn't have been more 1984.

On Friday the floor fell out for me. I started preparing for a Hillary Presidency. I'd been so strong up until that point. I just couldn't do it any longer. Californians can stay crazy, longer than you can stay sane. For the past year I haven't been asking anyone about the election because all my opinions about Trump were formed before he announced he was running. I used to hang out with a ton of construction guys. A lot of them admired him. But once he announced, people just changed. I didn't think I would get any honest opinions about him, so I just stopped asking. 

The thing about the Obama administration was you expect leaders to fuck things up. But you never really expect them to hate their citizens so deeply. Honestly every day it felt like he was trying to crush you. Trying to make your life harder. The Obama administration was more like the short movie 2081.  He was absolutely the handicapper General. If you have 26 minutes - watch it. It's in the vein of 1984. 

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