Wednesday, November 02, 2016

I'm gonna lose my mind soon.

Two conferences today...... zero interesting things to blog about. Normally I would chalk this up to being the end of the year - but this really has been going on for about six months. It all seems like such a waste of time and it's frustrating. The only place things seem to be happening with is cars and what cars need. Maps are not interesting. Lidar is barely even interesting at this point. Some people are trying to make cheaper lidar which is great - but it's not that interesting.

I don't even remember it being this bad during the depths of the recession. It's like the Valley is liquidity starved because nothing new is making it to the table. It's feels like we are running on fumes. At the same time the world seems oddly normal if you don't think about things too hard. Lots of construction and so forth.

I did manage to make it into Levi stadium today which was mildly interesting. I've never been in there. I see the outside pretty much all the time. And it was nice I didn't have to wait in lines or put up with the crazy fans.

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