Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's funny how The Valley changes.

It was wild to walk into a drone talk this morning and have it not filled with tech elite showing off their delivery drones. Instead.... it was filled with farmers. Apparently being able to assess your fields from the sky (less expensively) has a lot of value. You can spot water problems or disease much more quickly.

They weren't at the top of my list of who would propel this sector forward, but at least I can roll my eyes at all those hyperventilating articles about how we are all going to die because we have to feed so many more people with the same amount land. Farmers are just going to become more efficient with the help of drones. We are going to be fine.

It was also pretty wild to see Intel branded drones. I know they have been working on them. But Intel is one of those companies who took the wrong off ramp and now will need to change to live. Sure they might malinger on and take years to finally die like IBM or Kodak. But Intel is old tech now. Now the struggle is for existence.

I should have taken a tighter shot, but it has a downward facing DLSR mounted to it.

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