Friday, July 29, 2016

You know it be crazy when.....

Poor people can't even get money from collecting bottles and cans.

About 20% of California recycling centers have closed in the past year. (roughly 200) I'm not even sure that happened during the depths of the recession. Recycling has never been profitable, but materials have been in a very deflationary situation since at least December 2015 as the price of oil dropped so did the price of commodities. For example - The price of plastic has fallen from $400 a ton 18 months ago to about $190 today, according to Mark Oldfield of the state's recycling program, CalRecycle. Source.

California has a very large homeless population, and you have to wonder how this will filter through. Probably with more crime.

"The value of the material has been dropping. As the price of oil drops, the price of plastic drops, so it is less valuable, and the state's redemption value that it gives people to run these stores has dropped,” said Worrell. " Source.

If the price of oil goes down more......

On the flip side..... a lot of old building are being torn down. Which is good. I've never seen it this way though. It's almost less expensive to bulldoze them than fix that crapshack up.

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