Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I was having a failure to bond.

The new girl has been in the house for a little more than a week now. She has yet to get a name. Naming convention around the snarkolepsy household is pretty contentious. Mr S. wants to name them after food or old people names. I want to name them after strippers. Our last girl Jasmine took two months to name. You see who won there with the name... right?

I'd been in a fairly consistent funk because the first few years with a rabbit...... it's not the greatest. If they weren't cute and all I might not do it. They are like puppies for like 4 years. They chew everything. They can sometimes be a challenge to potty train. And it can take them a while to start spitting out the kisses. It just sucks having to start over because we'd just gotten our last girl to 5. Which means she was past the terrible twos, threes, and fours. They are nothing but love at that point. But it's a little rough to get there. In the beginning they don't even care if you exist.

When the new girl arrived she didn't act anything like a baby. She was acting a lot more like a veal rabbit. And I was pretty bummed about it because our last girl was a little like a tank in size and personality. The new girl had absolutely no personality.  Which was a new experience. Every time we gave her a chance to run around she wouldn't. She was really low energy. Remember I didn't chose her, I was bequeathed her. This time I went to a particular breeder for the best chance of a healthy rabbit and she gave me one with no choice to see it's personality. For three days she was like that and I was freaked and bummed. We actually brought her home a week earlier than they usually let to go. She was 7 weeks not 8. So we thought maybe that was the reason why.

Velveteens are known for being a really chill breed, but she was being ridiculous. Now after about a week we have been able to stuff some personality into her. You never know how much is them, or you rubbing off on them. In her case - it's all us baby. But she is about as opposite of our last girl as you can get. She is more like our first Velveteen Paisley. She was delicate, but this new girl takes delicate to a whole new level. (I'd link pictures, but That part of my blog is still broken. Maybe I will get to that tomorrow)

Next week after the 100 degree heat clears I'm going to get blood from her. All new bunnies get blood draws now because they can harbor landmine viruses that explode later in life. You don't even know until they get sick. So right now I'm calling her Turnip. But that name of course is not going to stick. You never see a stripper names Turnip.


  1. Maybe celery since that is negative energy for food. Hilary is another low energy name.

  2. Hahahah. Hilary? I thought you liked me. ;) I feel like you are taking my husbands style of naming conventions. You have never heard of a stripper named Hilary have you?

    Funny choices though.

  3. I felt bad even suggesting Hilary, but I couldn't help it after you mentioned how your bunny is really low energy. I couldn't think of any low energy stripper names lol.

  4. Low energy yes. But I'm not sure I could live my life with a pet name that makes my ears bleed.

    Fun fact - I was looking up stripper names last night on the web. My stripper name is my real name. It's #1 of the 45 most popular stripper names. Seriously.