Sunday, July 24, 2016

Look at me spreading rumors.

The world has been pretty boring lately. So no posts. Thankfully today something interesting popped up.

This morning Mr S. were driving to the city next to us for lunch, and we saw this helicopter over these huge buildings on the edge of town. The rumor in town is that some of these buildings are Tesla warehouses. We thought they were going to be parts distribution centers.

On the way out of town they had some of the road closed off and I couldn't get shots. So when the heli was still there on the way back into town - Mr S. was able to tuck away in a place to park so I could hop out and take pictures. Since the place was still cordoned off I decided to talk to some of the construction dudes who were making sure people didn't get too close. They said they had been out there since 6 in the morning, and by the time I was there is must have been around 1:00. That is a lot of helicopter time.

Anyway, I asked them if it was the Tesla building they were lifting duct work onto. They seemed surprised. They said they heard is was a new bus manufacturing plant. Which doesn't rule out Tesla. I told them, oh - it could still be Tesla then because they just announced they were making a bus. They were like - Tesla...... the car company?

I honestly didn't pay that much attention to the presser. But everyone in town thinks Tesla is moving into some of these buildings. And if those guys think it's going to be a bus manufacturing plant, I'm sticking those two things together.

The bigger news is my town is all of a sudden going to do manufacturing apparently! That is crazy! Our town is just a burb. It's the kind of town that didn't even want a super Walmart. Which oddly is the exact spot these warehouses reside. Walmart spent a ton of money improving that spot. It used to just be a field and Walmart put in streets, and lights and infrastructure, and the townies said pound sand. Now manufacturing is a-okay? The world is really changing which makes me happy. My city is the king of not in my backyard. The Walmart footprint was much smaller than these warehouses. Especially if it is manufacturing.

If what the construction dudes said was true. I'd give it a 90% chance. I don't know if Elon is going to make it, but he is going to die trying.


  1. Just wait, in a few days a package will arrive in the mail from Detroit and it will have an industrial telephoto lense in it. DF

  2. Hahahahah. Sadly I don't know how much that dinosaur Detroit needs to worry. It costs like two cents to live there now, right? There is some real magic going on with the math if California of all places can produce vehicles (and stay in business) over Detroit. It would be like saying "lets make cars in the middle of New York". Both with the highest cost of living in the country. It doesn't make sense to me.

    I mean, GM and Toyota couldn't make it work at Nummi in Fremont. And they produced a ton of low prices cars. If I'm Detroit I continue waiting it out and see what happens. And save a few dollars on lens's.