Saturday, July 30, 2016

I was overdue.

For most of the year I've been having to really limit my weekend trips. The traffic in the Bay Area is brain bleedingly horrible. Pre-recessionary horrible. Times a million. Gas is cheap so people are spending all their money there. Apparently..

But I haven't been to the beach in a while. It's been 100 degrees for maybe a week. And those fires have just been caving our area with smoke. So I really wanted to get to the edge of the world. Which is basically a place with no cell coverage.

I have this obsession with glass beaches. Okay, maybe obsession is too strong, but if you are going to go to the beach - finding glass doesn't hurt. Obviously nothing is as spectacular as the beach in Fort Bragg. But I've been there twice now and it's four hours away. I'd started reading about a beach in Davenport just outside of Santa Cruz. This is a really common beach, but there is a unicorn rumor out there that every now and then you can find some really unique glass because in the 70's a high end glass blower got flooded and their tailing's got washed down the creek and out to sea. I think it's more likely they were just dumping their tailing's into to sea. Sort of like the dump that created the Fort Bragg glass beach. These glass beaches have a lot of rumors that go with them.

I figured this place would be picked over by now. But as I said I've heard a lot of rumors and I hoped to at least watch some of the hardcore people beat each other to death trying to find glass. People wear wetsuits and the whole thing.

The traffic was way more horrible than I expected. It took us like three hours just to get out of Los Gatos. We did stop for lunch there, but still. I was not going to make low tide by any stretch. I'm nervous about the ocean when the tide is coming up. When we finally arrived it was clear this beach was super picked and I was pretty bored. I like beaches with tide pools to explore. This beach didn't really have that. So we decided to walk the cliff and ran across this old pier.

You had to work to get down to this beach. So I was a little bummed that by the time I got to the bottom the people had pulled their hammock. It was a beautiful moment. At last the pier was photographically interesting, and people will graffiti practically anything so that was a bonus.

This is basically a drain pipe.

It was nice to see Lexington Reservoir almost full. Even the over spill side. Last year this time you could almost walk across this thing it was so dry. Normally I can't get any shots unless I stop there, but traffic was savage even on the way back too.

And the smoke we were trying to get away from got way worse. I think this is from the fire in Big Sur.

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