Friday, February 19, 2016

Boy - there is just no one here to root for.

TRUMP: 'Boycott all Apple products'.

"Thieves, consider yourselves on notice: California is now smartphone "kill switch" territory.

The so-called software is designed to make stealing smartphones essentially pointless by allowing owners to remotely lock their device so no one can use it. The technology, which includes Apple's "Activation Lock" and Google's "Device Protection," has become a key selling point among phone manufacturers that offer peace of mind to protect customers' information if a phone is stolen, and hopefully discourage thieves from stealing it in the first place.' Source below.

This whole Apple thing is frustrating. I'm the first to shit all over Apple, but I have yet to see one "unlocking" that happened after the 2015 kill switch law was put into effect that was forced on them anyway by the major of San Francisco. There is a case that says Apple "claims" they could unlock the phone. Which given enough time and resources is probably true. The government could do this too if it was so easy! For shits sakes they could just rent GPU space from Amazon!

 It's so so frustrating that they were forced into harder encryption and now they are getting shit for it. 

Still, Apple has been none too shy to gargle the Administrations Balls. So, while I feel they are just following the law - it's always a little satisfying to see the Obamalovers eat each other.

I'm not happy about the Trump thing either, but honestly - all of them would probably demagogue this.

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