Sunday, February 07, 2016

That's ballin'.

I've been keeping to the East Bay this weekend, because ya know - superbowl. I started out trying to get you cars in Blackhawk, but those guys folded up early. I was giving myself credit by getting us there by 10:30, but they were done. So done.

Anyway. My city has a little airport and on the way back in I noticed there were a LOT of corporate jets parked there. It isn't uncommon to have a couple of them, but this was like 20 jets.  I figured we'd do a drive by and get a shot or two. The longer we stayed though, the more planes showed up. It was a little like DAVOS for my city. I'm sure they were all flying in for the super bowl. You can see in the last shot how big some of these planes were compared to a SUV.

I don't really get why people resent rich people because it was sort of fun watching all these ballin' planes show up. I didn't even know my town was doing that. It also made me feel like I was glad I moved from that side of town. Because as I said, I didn't know my town was doing that.

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