Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yesterday my city went into mandatory water rationing. And they are super effing serious because the fines are pretty huge. First offense - 50 bucks. Second 100. Third 250. If you still do not comply - 500 bucks.

You are going to see neighbors start narc'ing each other out left and right. Even though most of them were watering their lawns in the last big rain storm we had. Because they are just that smart.

A couple of months ago I dropped into the water company to pay my bill and asked them what their plan was going to be. I could see the rationing coming down the state. First in the North and I watched every city as it went. Was it going to be like to the 70's where you could only use so many gallons a day? The gal said they have plenty of water for this year, they just needed to conserve for next in case we had another dry year. She told me - this isn't the 70's and they won't use rules from the 70's. Like I was the crazy one. I knew that chick was bat shit wrong. But whatever.

And my city had it's first power blackout last night. Because in California - electricity is not guaranteed.

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