Monday, May 12, 2014

No turning back now.

It's going to be one crazy ass summer. We are getting early near 100 degree temps in a day or so. The air now is so dry that water gets eaten up in the atmosphere before it even falls to the ground. That's what happened with the storm we had last week. It was more like having fog than rain.

The creeks have run dry, (which sucks because that is where I was gonna steal water from) and even though I've been running the sprinklers in the middle of the night - I can't tell they have been run by morning because the dirt is breathtakingly dry.

Mandatory restrictions hit the city next to me yesterday. So, mine can't be far behind. Wells in the north are running dry because they live in the country and live on well water. Those cities are trying to come up with some crazy idea to put them on city water. I'll wager there will be no outside BBQ'ing allowed for the whole summer. And by the end, our sky will look like China's. Fire season will be off the charts. And food will become really, really expensive. Not to mention electricity, if we don't have that many blackouts will also take a chunk out of your wallet. There will not be any hydro to depend on this year.

You will start getting pictures after my renters are in. Lot of trees are already starting to turn brown. All that orange color on the loop is dry air.

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