Thursday, May 22, 2014

I ran into Elvis again.

I'm using my stock photo I got of him the last time I saw him. I didn't even try to take any shots.

I walked right past him and said "hi Elvis!" He seemed confused at first. I said - you do shows right? And then we started talking. I guess he does a lot of shows in Europe and Japan. Which really forced a WTF Japan game show image into my head.

I asked him how Europe was doing, and he replied the economy is not great. Which I already knew, but you can't get enough confirmation from people who've been on the ground. Then, all I wanted to know was if he got all these tiny impersonators from Japan. Which made him laugh. He said even women dress up like Elvis there, and they were crazy about him. (Elvis) I thought that whole visual was pretty funny.

This is what women fought for. The right to dress like Elvis just like men. What would you call a female Elvis? A welvis?

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