Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Range anxiety.

Yesterday I was at that conference and I forgot my juicebox for my phone. I always forget to optimise my settings, and the phone has to work hard because everyone is clogging bandwidth. So your phone's batteries die pretty quickly.

Since Mr S. and I had commuted, and he was going to pick me up, I became panicked. Yes. You heard that right. Panicked. Which is the most irrational thing ever. I realize this. But Mr S. has a hard time finding me when we are in a crowd and I'm 100 feet away from him because I'm about 5'2.

I started sending him furious messages. I'm going to be at this exact place. And normally because I'm ADD I might have walked around while I was waiting for him. As it was... he was in that exact place. But on a different floor.

On the way home I was laughing about how retarded I felt. It's like there is no other way to find people these days. But you really get a sort of uncomfortable reaction. Like your last ride has left and you are on your own. Ya know.. like the old days.

Off the cuff he says to me - imagine how Telsa drivers feel.

I just stared right at him and said, whaaat? I mean, I knew what he meant. It just takes someone to put it so plainly for you to have a light bulb moment.

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