Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Because I'm juvenile.

Listen, the world is getting frothy. It's freaking everyone out. Or if it isn't - it should be!

This is what I've been watching to get by these days. Impractical Jokers. It's my new "go to" show for when the world feels like it's going to come crashing down. And judging by what is going on in Japan - that might be sooner rather than later. I think we are going to be entering a little trade war. With everyone. Everyone thinks they have to devalue their money to get you to buy their stuff.

P.S. I chose this particular clip because many years back now - Mr S. and I started mocking people who high five. You'd always see them do it on those home improvement shows in the most awkward of times. It made us laugh. So... every time we'd see someone high five, we'd high five too. Now it's pretty much a neurotic tic. If I see someone do it, I get a reflexive arm movement and I have to stop myself. Seriously.

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