Sunday, June 30, 2013

Italian Street Painting Festival 2013.

I always get pretty anxious when temperatures cross the 100 degree mark. Bunnies can't handle heat. They can't pant like dogs or cats. I have air conditioning, but you never know when you are going to have a power hit. For instance, not this 4th of July week, but next one - they are taking my power down three times in one week. One day I could be out for 12 hours I'm told. I'm praying it's going to get less hot soon.

It was rumored it'd be 108 here. So We planned to get in early and get out early before the house naturally got too hot on it's own. I almost didn't even go, because I get that worried. But I guess the lady who put on the chalk festival had a heart attack this year because it was so hot. I guess in San Rafael yesterday, it was 100 degrees. She won't be able to do it next year - if there is a next year and I needed content for the blog. Sooooo...

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