Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Augmented Reality can teach you to weld?

I have actually tried welding once. My first long term boyfriend was a welder. So I can spot a good weld from a bad one but not much more. There is actually a lot of skill involved which I didn't have. Probably because it takes a long time to become a really good welder, and as a girl I wasn't invested in putting in the time.

So when I walked up to this booth I the first thing I asked was - why do you have all these heavy cables? What he told me got completely fascinated. This machine is made to look exactly like a welding machine and is weighted like a welding machine.

To be sure... I was pretty skeptical that you could become a journeyman welder with this simulator, but they were convincing enough that they might have changed my mind. The software goes in and analyzes your weld and tells you if it's good or not. Apparently it simulates both MIG and TIG. I didn't ask about ARC welding because I forgot about it. The company is called Seabery Soluciones.