Saturday, July 04, 2009

Trees are assholes.

We live about 20 blocks and a large field from the site where my city shoots off fireworks. Normally we hang out on the deck and get a marginal view. We could get closer, but you can't drive there. It would probably take an hour to get the 20 blocks home. We actually walked to the site yesterday, but couldn't figure out how to get a good place to view.

Anyway, because we get such a slim view, Mr S. always says in a tone "yaaaa know. We could get up on the roof". I've always turned him down because well, because of the neighbors and all. This year I said screw it and climbed on the roof with him.

This is where I thought the fireworks would be. My fireplace is just poking into the shot on the left.

This is where the fireworks actually came up. I would have gotten you a better shot, but once I got up on the roof I was freaked out. I'm not great with heights, but I've been standing on this roof in the day time. Yet in the dark 20 feet up I was glued to the spot in which I arrived. On my stomach. Yeah - I was a bit of a woosie.

It wouldn't have mattered that much anyway - a huge tree was blocking that spot anyway.

Happy Independence Day. But, not from trees - because they are assholes.

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