Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good for the soul.

Normally I'm not hanging out in Oakland - unless the court is forcing me. Yet, getting out of town always means finding a good breakfast place. My city completely disowns breakfast. They act as if it doesn't exist. We have 3 breakfast places, and only one of them is good. Since I only eat breakfast on the weekends, it's fun to hunt down good places elsewhere.

Since I was going to be up in Berkeley - we thought we'd find a place up there. The yelp search turned up a place called Lois the Pie Queen. Normally I would have dismissed this place altogether because it was in Oakland (not Berkeley), but it was the most highly rated restaurant. And - you see the name right? How does that not intrigue you?

After google mapping the place to see if the area was ghetto, we decided to try it. I'm glad we did. They make everything from scratch. Even the English muffins. The biscuits make you want to cry they are so freakin' good. The owner came out to thank you when you left. It was just a really nice place.

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