Sunday, July 26, 2009

Octopi in the sky.

Berkeley kite fest. More to follow.


  1. Pretty cool kites, have you seen the one that looks like a mouse arrow?

  2. Nu-uh. You have a link?

    I was in your area this weekend. I can understand why you've fallen in love with it's charm.

  3. Here's one in the wild. Too funny.

    You should have given me a call and you could have stopped by the new pad. Not sure that I'm in love with the area, but it does have its charm. Trying to figure out how to shorten my commute now.

  4. As much as I love to tour missile silos ;), I was in the other hood. Oakland. I wasn't sure if you were fully staying out in green acres yet.

    Doesn't transit suck in our area? The trains never go where you want them to go. And even with a recession - traffic doesn't seem to be that much lighter.

    Love,love,love the mouse arrow though. That is really clever. I almost couldn't tell if it was a real kite or animation at first.