Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still ruining the earth.

I haven't had one of these post in a really long time. Companies have been pretty good.

The thing is - I don't even give a shit about the earth. I care that these companies make profits and give people jobs. Which is why, when they send me non breakable items all fluffed up in bubble wrap - it sort of annoys me. What I really want is for them to just shove this shit in a padded envelope so we can all be happy. If you have to run over it with a car to break it - it doesn't need to be in a box. Okay?

This is how amazon.com sent me hedge trimmer line. I bet I could drop a brick on this stuff and it wouldn't break. Sending it in a reinforced envelope seems like a no brainer. And no - I couldn't buy it locally. The stores were out. What do you care anyway. I probably gave five people jobs to get this to my house.

This is the funnier one though. Camera sensor cleaner swabs. For the love of gawd I can't believe I spend 3-4 bucks a pop on these, and still have dust in my pictures. I often find myself chanting "must make clean. MUST MAKE CLEAN". The hazards of changing lenses all the time I guess.

These are super non breakable. The are practically q-tips for shits sake. Envelope please Adorama.


  1. Thanks for your feedback regarding 'over'packing' from Adorama.

    I've passed on your comments to our warehouse manager for his immediate attention.

    If you ever have a query or concern in the future regarding any order from Adorama Camera - or AdoramaPix - you are very welcome to contact me directly.


    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador


  2. I have to admit - I'm not used to companies reading my rantings. But, at least the worst I could say about you is that you pay too much for shipping. Thanks for being responsive though. It's a nice touch.