Thursday, December 22, 2022

All the things she said running through my head.

I was going to wait until after the Holiday to post this, but what is going on just makes me so intensely sad. I feel like how those guys must have felt when they knew credit default swaps were going to blow up the world. I am begging you to protect yourselves. PLEASE.

Many people talk about how our education system has failed us in Math and Science, but after the past three years I've come to realize, the area they really failed us is in health education. The literacy of Americans on basic health is astonishing. And this is coming from a high school drop out!

I say this because just yesterday a girl I know was telling me that at her bowling league some guy had a heart attack four lanes down. They worked on him for 45 minutes. When I told her that SARS-2 inflames the heart, she replied - why has no one said this to me before? Then goes on to say she didn't believe that COVID was leaked from a lab. She thought it came from Nuclear fall out. Despite the injury from such an event would damage a body in a completely different way. But she said no one was going to talk her out of it. I left things there because really... what can you say at that point?

For months, and years now I guess, I have been completely perplexed as to why Governments around the world continue to refuse to tell people the real consequences of SARS-2. I believe if they told people the virus causes hyper-coagulation of blood, people would voluntarily reduce their exposure. And, I am genuinely not being mean here... if they could even figure out what the word hyper-coagulation means. I've come to realize that people are afraid of big words.  

For uncountable months I have been trying to figure out why people, instead of using caution, they feel they need to be infected. Which is of ZERO benefit! There has NEVER been herd immunity to a corona virus. NEVER. 

I feel that it is because of a widespread misinterpretation the public has due to the book Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child's Developing Immune System. We all remember when that book came around telling us to let your kids play in the dirt. Which talks about the possible benefit dirt has on allergic response. NOT VIRAL response. Most viruses don't live in the ground. And if they do, it's often the REALLY bad ones.

I will admit right up front that I have not read the book, but I have gone through many of the comments and other articles citing this book. Most of which are obviously geared around the fear in the 80's and 90's that kids were watching too much TV. The excerpts I HAVE read - obviously the author is talking about bacteria. NOT VIRUSES! Yet people's literacy is so limited, they are conflating the two. And even if you tried to tell them the difference their eyes would glaze over and they would militantly tell you how stupid you were.. That is our real society right now. Now the blind are leading the blind and walking people right off a cliff. I however have been telling people for at least a year or more that this was a vascular disease. I've said it so many times.

To figure out the difference READ HERE.

"Viruses need to enter a living cell (such as a human cell) to be able to reproduce, and once inside they take over all of the cellular machinery and force the cell to make new virus. "

I believe this book is the reason people are not taking more care. Inaccurately believing that they need to be infected to be protected. Whatever the reason, PLEASE read this and whatever crazy theory you have - stop it. This is what is really happening. I don't normally snarf so much of an article. But this guy saves me a lot of work.

"2. COVID is a disease of the vascular system.

It inflames the lining of blood vessels in both the young and old and can cause blood clotting.

This explains why COVID infection can leave in its wake a variety of cardiovascular injuries including stroke, restricted blood flow, inflamed hearts, and blood clots in the heart and lungs.

It also explains why COVID in different people affects different organs. The infection travels by the vascular system to the brain, the gut, the heart, the lymph glands and the kidneys. It was never, as hubris has alleged, a cold or “just the flu.”"

4. Having COVID is associated with a 66 per cent higher risk of developing new onset diabetes.

So says an article in the science journal Nature.

5. COVID damages the heart and can cause sudden strokes in young people.

Prior to the pandemic excess deaths from strokes were on the decline in the United States. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now reports that excess deaths from strokes rose 23 to 34 per cent among young people between the ages of 25 and 44, and rose 13 to 18 percent in older age groups since the beginning of the pandemic.

6. Each and every COVID infection exerts a toll on your health.

image atom The Pandemic Speaks READ MORE Reinfections increase the risk of developing diabetes, kidney disease, organ failure and mental health problems, according to research published in Nature Medicine. The authors found that people with COVID reinfections were twice as likely to die and three times more likely to be hospitalized than those with no history of previous COVID infection.

Moreover people with repeat infections were three and a half times more likely to develop lung problems, three times more likely to suffer heart conditions and 1.6 times more likely to experience brain conditions than patients who had been infected with the virus once.

As one recent Canadian study noted, “Because each new SARS-CoV-2 infection carries some risk of long COVID, everyone remains at risk for developing the condition.”

image atom We Didn’t Grieve the Pandemic. Now We’re Stuck Fighting READ MORE 7. Immune dysfunctions can persist for up to eight months after a COVID infection.

Australian researchers found “an ongoing, sustained inflammatory response following even mild-to-moderate acute COVID-19.”

8. Women are at greatest risk for long COVID.

We don’t know why, but we don’t improve things by ignoring the evidence.

9. Vaccines alone won’t deliver us.

When public health officials now speak to us, they invariably hammer home one, simple message. Get vaccinated. No argument here. Yes, do get vaccinated. Still, we should keep some important caveats in mind.

Although vaccines have significantly reduced deaths and hospitalizations their effectiveness is waning as the virus that causes COVID evolves. And by not engaging in other public health measures, we make it easier to spread and therefore evolve.

And consider this flaw built into the current messaging strategy. Just why would the public seek out booster shots (which really do work for a short period of time), when the authorities pretend the worst is over and that no other interventions are necessary?

There is no single technological fix that will dispatch COVID let alone end the pandemic.

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