Saturday, December 31, 2022

There is no Happy New year.

We get to live 2020 all over again. Bravo for everyone! People's selfishness, laziness and vanity have brought us to this point. People are going to get the world they so militantly fought for and deserve. 

All this year people screamed about how horrible China was and how they should open up.  ( I do not support the way China handled SARS-2 AT ALL, but we all should have prayed that they would succeed. THAT ANYTHING WOULD SUCCEED. Instead people rubbed their hands with glee that they did not) 

You got your wish and now China is filled with nothing but death. The very thing people like me tried to tell others would happen.  AND MORE TROUBLING - the rumor out of China is the new strain they have causes white lung. Chinese doctors are now trying to warn us. Which makes me laugh because they should save their breath. Americans are THICK. I'm sure everyone reading my blog has a PH'd in GoogleU. So... just put that search into twitter, google or whatever. 

There are controlled lockdowns and uncontrolled lockdowns, and you are going to get the second one. I can assure you - the first one is much better. Now you are not getting shit out of China. It has completely collapsed. China is just videos of caskets, mortuary lines and streets filled with packages because everyone is too sick to work. Good job everyone!

I have actually been preparing like it is 2020. If you haven't..... ?

Additionally - I doubt very highly that the Government is going to print 40% of the entire mount of money ever printed like they did in 2020.  What should have happened in 2020 has only been delayed. You are going to get those consequences this year. 

I really do not understand why people think collapsing the healthcare system is a fun thing to do. I'm not sure what result they think they are going to get. But it's literally  about the same result as Antifa burning down cities. Those cities rarely recover... and I wonder if this is the eventual goal.

The thing that has fascinated me the most is how people are treating others like slaves.  And everyone just seems okay with it. People don't care if manufacturing or restaurant workers die or get sick, as long as people don't have to change their behavior in any way. I mean, you can't complain about the results of all the things people refused to do. Eventually all those slaves will be too sick or dead to work.

I'm sure many countries weren't sure if they could rid themselves of SARS-1. But they did. It's only lack of imagination and laziness that most people think we can not eventually one day get rid of SARS-2. Which is now becoming SARS-3 because it has been allowed to enter so many people to become stronger.

So... if I continue this blog I am going to be shittier than I have ever been. Mark my words because people need an ass kicking.

And lastly... the thing I wish people understood is - getting Covid is not the way forward. Every human this virus enters gives it a chance to mutate. Which is NOT the thing you want for a lab grown virus which has already been accelerated by gain of function. People are just making this virus stronger. It is learning FROM YOUR body how to infect people better.

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