Thursday, May 27, 2021

This borrowed delusion is coming to an end.

It is time to embrace the suck. Republicans need to not eff this up like they normally do.  It would be nice they they showed they are anything besides the anti mask party. That is NOT a political platform. 

Things are going to get interesting now because career politicians don't know how the world works. Trump printed a shit ton of money that has now almost worked it way through the system, and controlling this to the downside is going to be ..... interesting. Biden is not sharp, and Kamala is a vacuous woo girl.

Housing WILL be going into decline. Price cuts are already starting. I thought I would show you this 1200 square foot house in my city that sold for MORE than 150k over asking. When houses this size are going for a million bucks...... what do you think happens? 

All of those moronic posts about hyperinflation will soon disappear. Durable goods are already in decline. 

It is also my opinion that a lot of the people still out of work in California are commercial construction workers. And before people get all high and mighty about the last year - settle down because you are going to get a hard pass on forcing people back into offices and hours long commutes. 

Having said that - there are people on long leases that want people back in the office. It's going to take some time to rebalance these two needs. Consolidation WILL happen though. Anyone with an upcoming lease renewal is at risk.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, May 27, 2021 4:49:00 PM

    "Republicans need to not eff this up like they normally do."

    You need a bigger tent.

    I don't remember when it was, and certainly not where it was, that I encountered the idea of the two-party Liberal versus Conservative system as a specific formulation.

    Apparently these people imagined the Liberal as the purveyor of ideas, the Conservative as the check on bad ideas, and that the two would work together ... which, of course, is a great laugh seeing it play out.

    But the idea makes sense from the perspective that this was the result of imagining both the Liberal and Conservative as playing their politics along a Marxist axis of discourse.

    Which is why it's fair for a certain Austrian economist to say that you are all Socialists.

    In America, Republicans are like some kind of perpetual motion bowtie straightening machine for the Democrats who have their own perpetual motion machine that consists of inflaming Republican sensibilities without end.

    So by all means, let the Republicans "eff this up" so badly that it'll pull the Democrats past the event horizon with them, it's the only way you'll get back on a road to recovery.

    That's because the giant anchor on the American body politic isn't really Socialism For The Masses(tm), but a kind of Corporate Socialist Surveillance State, and for that to eventually collapse along with the Republicans and the Democrats may mean you'd "get your country back".

    I'm sure it's not going to matter for America as a whole because the situation is too far gone.

    But perhaps some regions will do better than others.

    Times change, and yet they don't.

    I remember when Boris Hagelin, a Swedish citizen who moved his crypto machine company to Switzerland during Der Weltkrieg II, decided that after all of the business the US military bestowed on him that it'd be good and proper to sell compromised crypto machines so that the American intelligence community could decrypt the traffic.

    Not that a lot of countries don't pull the same crap, such as France and Germany on their own, but also the other four eyes of America, especially Canada. Even the Turks with their MIT pull a lot of this crap, but it's mostly contained to their region and their people.

    So you'll forgive me (or not) for the view that there are more than enough people in the world who don't want or trust an American financial recovery that means relying on unimpressively leveraged fiat currency.

    It's not the retail leveraging on real estate that bothers these people, it's the Helicopter Bux(tm) for State Intelligence Services via commercial and government leveraging.

    Perhaps I should describe to you what certain classes of "non-reportables" really are for.

    But a hint at least: you don't hold the knife, you throw the knife.

    That is if you'd like to prevent being shot by the guy with the gun.

    Standard American movie logic, really. :-)

    You'd probably make a decent agorist if you were more into the counter-economy.

    I doubt you give a flying fling about any of those taxes you pay for overpriced reefer in California, so there's a start at least. :-)

    But eventually you'll figure out that you need a bigger tent than what the Republicans offer.

  2. "But eventually you'll figure out that you need a bigger tent than what the Republicans offer."

    Yeah.... I don't vote Republican because I agree with most of their nonsense - I vote that way because "a bigger tent" only dilutes the vote. And really.... aren't the Pauls pretty much the same swamp. I mean - what have they done lately. Or ever?

    All those other clowns in the tent are just there to siphon off votes. I'm not a fan of the two party system. But that is the way things are.

    "I doubt you give a flying fling about any of those taxes you pay for overpriced reefer in California, so there's a start at least. :-)"

    Oh... okay. Now you are shit talking me on weed?:) I can assure you there is still a very healthy black market. Perhaps you haven't experienced the quality that comes with the slavery of taxes.

  3. the market is so fucked

    when I moved to upstate NY in 2004 I was paying $525/month for the entire first floor of a 2 family house. And no, it wasn't in a crappy neighborhood.

    Now, one of my coworkers just informed me that she's been trying to find a new appt (her lease is about to expire), and the cheapest she can find is $1000/month for a tiny 1 bedroom. I told her I was paying (alot) less than that monthly for my mortgage!

    Oh, and 7/16ths OSB is up to $50.25 a board. My work is running out of walk behind mowers, AND riding mowers. We're seeing shortages in powered yard tools (weed whackers, leaf blowers, etc), patio furniture is D.O.N.E. We got in a pallet of liquid pool chlorine Friday and it was half gone by 4pm on Saturday. On the other hand I JUST THIS WEEK saw my first case of 409 Multi-surface cleaner spray in over a year (apparently they're owned by Clorox, I did not know that, but it explains why it wasn't being made, they had other things to make first!).

  4. Love your inventory updates. 3/4 inch CDX plywood is going for almost 77 bucks a sheet here. But hey - ~all~ the ghost lots are gone and car lots are looking pretty empty.

    We just got those stroganoff seasoning packets. It's been more than a year. Long enough that I thought maybe stroganoff was out of favor. I worked at the plant in Santa Cruz, so it wasn't like they had to ship to from somewhere else.