Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tell me how this works again?

See... my take away from this article is a bit different. It's just crazy how everyone just treats this as normal. It is not. It took YEARS for housing to go up that much during the housing bubble. I'm guesstimating about four. This is insanity on levels I don't understand.

And the frustrating thing is that the government printed so much money, which in turn caused this. Then, they of course are going to have to raise interest rates, and BOOM. 


  1. Thing about raising interest rates... the national debt is largely short-term nowadays, so it's constantly being refinanced. The Swamp needs to keep interest rates low, or the Debt Apocalypse will finally (and rapidly) come about.

  2. Yeah. Agree. And also - the US is buying it's own debt right now. Not China or others.

    But ....they can't keep letting houses sell 300k over asking either. I'm guessing the next print on housing will come in - not good. Houses are starting to sit again. So it feels like a lot of that money is starting to fade. Now we get to see if people can keep their shit together. Which I'm guessing is - no.

    Also.... don't forget about margin debt. Plug that into twitter.

    Such - a - dangerous - market.