Friday, May 07, 2021

Remember when this used to matter?

This is what those idiots voted for. Never Trumpers are included in this BTW. 

It truly is odd that I don't hear one single complaint about gas prices right now. Everyone has unlimited money I guess. I imagine all those service workers are getting kicked in the nards.


  1. Part of that, though, is California. The Weigel's down at the crossroads is currently showing $2.72 regular, $3.42 premium, and $2.80 Diesel.
    The premium is ethanol-free, which is why I go there when it's time to fill up the cans for the equipment (the U-Shop, closer to home, has somewhat lower prices, but no ethanol-free gas).
    Prices are up considerably from a year ago, but a year ago hardly anyone was driving, so demand was way down.

  2. Fair. But isn't demand still way down? Driving through Mountainview yesterday and all the parking lots are still empty.

    Plus, it won't be long before its everywhere. SADLY.

  3. Snark - Right up your alley. BunnyGoat

  4. Wasn't one of the major refineries supposed to shut down in CA? Anyway, I'm always happy to see shitlibs suffer from their own stupidity.

    Too bad the rest of the decent people have to suffer as well.

  5. OMG Bunnygoat. ~Love~ that.

    Lab Manager - They shut one down in Martinez last year. I doubt that has made much of a difference. This is more likely a result of Bidens fracking stance.

  6. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, May 08, 2021 11:58:00 PM

    1.65 CHF/litre = 6.25 CHF/gallon = 6.95 USD/gallon.

    So that looks totally reasonable. :-)

  7. But don't you know that the service industry employees don't count for anything because we're a lower serf class?

    I mean sure, last year they tried to tell us we're hero's but really all it was was the realization that SOMEONE has to stand in harms way if the middle and upper classes were going to maintain their standard of living so they'd better make us feel good about it so that we didn't all quit and make better money off unemployement. Cause god forbid the rest of the country can't get their latte or paint whenever they want without risking being exposed to the evil virus!

    And yes, I'm feeling extra cynical right now.

    I assume you saw the news about the fuel pipeline shutdown due to ransomware.......

  8. Btw the average service industry employee, who worked through the shutdown, is burning out hard. Oh not the teenagers, well not as much. But the adults who are the backbone that these companies need to actually keep going while they train up the constant turnover of kids. I thought the people quitting last year was bad. We haven't seen anything yet. Its not even really a money thing. Its shear burnout from dealing with the last year.

  9. Ooooh. Yeah. I see you and hear you Baby Girl. I think everyone is exhausted to some level - but you guys have to be next level exhausted. I did hear about the pipeline.

    It's been quite the learning experience to see how astonishing selfish people are. And I am the queen of ~sometimes being selfish can be altruistic~. But this is not that.

    "1.65 CHF/litre = 6.25 CHF/gallon = 6.95 USD/gallon.

    So that looks totally reasonable. :-)"

    Challenge accepted

  10. And now, out this way, a major fuel pipeline has been shut down as a precaution after the company's business computers were hacked. If it isn't back in operation soon, there'll be Trouble: fuel supplies dry up, trucks don't run, food doesn't get delivered to grocery stores, etc.
    All this normality is great. Really, so much better than the alternative. And we'll be getting a preview of the Green Leap Backward!

  11. Yeah, gas stations in the Carolinas running out, started coming through last night. I just thought things would get expensive. An actual shortage is sort of left field. That is not going to help prices. But should add another 1000 to the DOW. Said in the most sarcastic way.

    I think we just sort of need to let these idiots deal with their choices. I mean... the Dems control everything right now. Right? Let them own it.