Friday, February 19, 2021

If a lie gets repeated often enough.

"On Tuesday, we noted how California and Florida have strikingly similar COVID numbers despite polar opposite approaches to dealing with the virus; Florida has remained a largely open state without mask mandates or lockdowns, while California has imposed strict lockdowns that have devastated small businesses and contributed to a national mental health crisis." Source.

I'm sick to death of people trying to score political points. Like this article from ZeroHedge and others really. It's LAZY journalism and just completely false honestly.

Anyone can go to google and see that California was OPENED August 2020. Let me help you. Just type in "California business open 2020". Even Disneyland! And stayed open until the beginning of December., 

Every time someone says we have been on "strict" lockdowns is just lying. We have NOT been on strict lockdowns since last April. Our cases accelerated BECAUSE we were not locked down, and I just hate the way people argue about this shit.


  1. *didn't read the article, cause I don't care quite enough*

    Strict lock downs is probly the wrong description, but just from reading your posts I'm going to say that CA has had stricter restrictions than FL. I've friends and family in FL, and their restrictions are definitely looser than what you have regularly described. Now, people may not have been following the requirements there in Cali, THAT wouldn't surprise me at all. But thats not quite the same thing, and is infact part of the problem. The stricter the rules the more likely people are to find a way around them. Its human nature.

  2. It's a fair statement and we've already established my opinion on lockdowns. But just as I would not prescribe to be an expert on what Floridas rules are - people not in California shouldn't pretend they know what's going on because they read a couple of articles.

    We've had indoor dining. We've been open. So their stories are just bullshit. Anyone can see with VERY little effort in Google. These stores are a HUGE exaggeration.

    So it's not even about following the rules. We've had very few restrictions. FULL stop.