Friday, May 01, 2020

Well.... he's not wrong.

Elon Musk just declared that he's selling almost all his physical belongings and 'will own no house' and that he thinks Tesla's stock price is 'too high'.

I mean his second largest customer Chi-na has been shut since their New Year in February(corrected). I don't even know why he goes through the whole illusion of making cars anyway. He makes all his money off of carbon credits.


  1. another one of these idiot liberals who says they will do this or that and then is given a pass when they prove they are hypocrites by not doing it....
    and still the media dotes on them.

    He's as likely to sell his homes and his possessions as hell is likely to freeze over.

    and his 'girlfriend' is 'mad' at him and will be having his baby in a day or so...
    Coward won't even marry her.

  2. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, May 01, 2020 6:01:00 PM

    Elon Musk has enough money to go full Howard Hughes ...

    So Elon Musk could be in a new place every night and he probably wouldn't run out of places to be.

    Given the limited range of his company's vehicles, he could drive as far away as twenty, maybe thirty miles at a time without even requiring one of his company's so-called "super chargers"! :-)

    I went sort-of Howard Hughes for a few years after I dumped my house, so I understand the potential motivation. Ultimately it's another asset that someone can attempt to wrangle out of you in a courtroom.

    Maybe he will move his residency to South Dakota.

    Elon Musk's attitude toward fascism might make it easier for him to hang out there if he wants to, plus there are some interesting parts of the legal code that would make it possible for him to hang his shingle there while spending up to 364 days per year traveling somewhere else.

    Now if he could make a vehicle that could get you from Sheridan, Wyoming to Council Bluffs, Iowa on a single charge, that'd convince a lot of people he isn't totally full of shit ...

    But yeah, the Teslas can't even get from Miami up to Clewiston without needing some intense love action from a "super charger" for a few hours, not that I'd expect there would even be one in the poorest part of Florida.

  3. Tex,

    Elon can't go Howard Hughes. He's not that 'in', though I sometimes think he wishes.
    He pays lobbyists to do the classic round robin. Howard hughes gave value and did not employ hordes of lobbyists and and would have NEVER gotten in bed with our enemies.


    Sometimes I think that you just wish to piss off reality itself; climb up a hill and raise the flag and say, "Bring it" whilst holding a lighting rod.

    Edwin Godfrey Bahten III

  4. Tex,

    You are so smart..right?
    Then bring to justice the murderer of my niece.

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, May 02, 2020 12:54:00 AM

    "Sometimes I think that you just wish to piss off reality itself ..."

    "Off" isn't the right word. :-)

  6. Tex.
    you ever wonder on the chang of reality..
    of music...morality..

  7. off on...
    oh...I know it.
    and "it: sometimes is friend.
    most are enemy

    Where and how do you define thought
    but, why not just suck something on a seasho9re and eat drink shit..

  8. zappa? really> wtf.
    all your shit I don't want.
    I am not about want .
    I grew up with it.
    I don't wnat it.
    I like 'service'
    so fuck you :)
    merit should trump it.
    it should..but it never will

  9. tex,
    sometimes the impratical man..
    the 'smart' man ...
    I won't what ar you worried about? pissants like you

    and your get.
    fuck you
    ad those you DO breed with..
    are the idiots of the families.
    you go go.
    mind though...

  10. you want some breeding ...
    bring me your daughters.

  11. smart man.
    I am
    you want to play
    man NIMAM?

  12. ownership does not make an idiot.
    what makes an an idiot is stupidity.

    I am stupid alright.
    rive from my feet