Friday, May 29, 2020

This is how Silicon Valley used to view government.

This whole Twitter thing is just weird because Silicon Valley used to be about breaking away from the government. Now they are acting like they ARE the government. It's gross.

I have been moving stuff around at Che' Snarkolepsy and found this in a box this week. Sometimes I feel like I'm misremembering how independent the internet was back in the day. Finding this made me feel like - nope, I'm not crazy.


  1. I am extremely free market, but I think he should go further. I hope he is laying the ground work to split them up. I just don't know how another company could even get their foot in the door to compete against them. They own the government basically. And the internet. All traffic on it goes through them in some way. They make the rules. If they want to destroy you - they will.

    I feel the free market should be the first line of destroying a company, but there is a point where we are powerless. Split them up.

  2. Twitter, Facebook and Google all control the communications that go out over their networks. Opposing views are allowed.

    Twitter is not the government, but they are practicing.

  3. They are not the government. But they do own a bunch of politicians.

  4. Wow. You left me 16 comments on one post. That is a bit extra.

  5. No worries. I just wasn't sure what to do with all of that.