Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Okay, I think I'm going to start unthawing this blog.

I think I lost my way in 2016. The whole year just felt like sandpaper. So I just needed some time to regroup. A lot of time. People don't understand how much pressure blogging puts on you. It's super hard to find something interesting to blog about every single day.

I don't know what you will get for the next few days - but at the very least, CES starts next week and this blog will come alive. I predict it's going to be packed with a ton of unnecessary AI.


  1. Have fun at CES. My prediction is a lot of VR gadgets/software, job killing robots and smart watch/Healthcare partnerships as the big fads for the year. I bet if you take a photo of every device that will replace at least two humans you can come up with an awesome robot horror apocalyptic gallery. DF

  2. Just wanted to say Thank You for the time you spend on this blog! Having lived in the Bay area many years ago and sharing a fair amount of the same political/economic realism leanings I enjoy your posts.

  3. Thanks DF. I'm sort of queebed by the whole VR thing at CES. It was bad enough a few years ago when 3D was the fad and you were sticking on all these glasses that hundreds and hundreds of other people had touched. Putting them right next to your eyes which is the easiest way to get a cold. CES is a Petri dish. I'm at the stage right now where I don't know if I am getting a cold from CES or giving a cold. It's a good thing that lice isn't a big deal. Right? At the very minimum you will be putting on a headset that hundreds of sweaty people have also put in. And not only does it touch your face, but it touches your hair! And not just a little bit.

    On Christmas Eve Mr S and I were at Best Buy looking for a memory card and they had an oculus demo set up. There was one guy trying it, and two guys in front of me waiting for the demo. The demo guy looks at me and asks if I want to try it. Which I already have, but I like to see how its progressing. I'm like - okay. He says - it's going to be about 45 minutes. And you have to sign in. I'm like - why do I have to sign in? I was sure it was because they wanted to put me on their spam list. BUT - he says.... for liability reasons. I'm like what? He says - in case you fall down.

    I wasn't going to wait the 45 because I can see it almost anywhere else. But I did watch the first guy play for a little while. And if this thing does gain ground, there are going to be a bunch of oculus injuries. Like when the Wii came out and everyone was throwing their controllers into the TV.

    As a side note about the robot killing jobs..... which I don't really think is a "thing". One day I asked Mr S. - are you afraid robots are going to take your job. He looks at me and says - no. I'm like why? With a flat face he says - because I can help them.

    Learn how to take care of robots and you win!

  4. Thanks for commenting Anon! I think the blog will get better this year. Normally I'm a very curious person, but this year I just didn't give an eff what people thought. I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to know at all. At least this year I'll have the strength to listen, but still be strong enough to be at the disproving Wonka stage. So hopefully the stories will get better.

    P.S. If you comment again, can you sign the comment with a nym? Most of my comments are anon so I don't know if you are new or returning. Thanks@

  5. Oh believe me, I know how the repair the robots, they need me more than I need them, but automation will be a big deal in 17. Did you hear about amazon go? You simply shop and walk out the door. I bet store clerks are at least 60% of the payroll for a grocer. 12 months from now I bet were seeing the big corps start buying automated simis for their fleets. McDonald's already said they are going to kiosks nationwide. Lots and lots of really crappy jobs will die. Mark my words, the teenagers will riot. DF

  6. LOL. Do you realize how many years you and I have been predicting the kiosks were going to take over? It takes so long for the machines to take over I begin to lose faith.