Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Stories.

My city has one of those light shows that draws the whole town. The closer it gets to Christmas the crazier that neighborhood gets. It's just a crush of people. In previous years when I've talked about it, I've always laughed that the lights had to be a disclosure item when you buy a house in that neighborhood.

This year when we were leaving one of the neighbors had their garage open and was watching the forming crowds and I shouted - how do you like living here this time of year? He started to walk towards me. I continued - I always laugh because that has to be a disclosure item. Right? He laughs and says - the number 1 disclosure item. I'm like - really!

We talked to him for a little while because that neighborhood has funny stories to tell. I guess the city actually accommodated him with two power lines to his house to power all that stuff. He said sometimes you can hear the lines vibrating. The other funny thing he said was that if you come the day after Christmas you can get all the photos you want because on the 26th no ones comes. People are OVER it.

I just think the thought of someone getting a real estate contract and seeing that as your number one disclosure item is really funny. On one hand you are like - what the hell. I mean, if your signing in June maybe you don't notice. But by Christmas you can see this from 10 blocks away. But honestly if I light show is the worst of your problems......

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