Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Today I give you cyborgs.

I haven't been staying for any of the talks at my shows lately. I've pretty much been in a "get out of my way and show me your toys" sort of mood. But when I saw that Niel Harbisson was going to talk today I decided to make sure I could listen to him talk. I was super curious why someone would want to put an antennae in their brain if they didn't medically need to. I'm sure he' can't go anywhere without people looking at him. That would drive me crazy.

Apparently he was born color blind and set out to find a way he could experience color. He chose sound as a medium. So - basically he sees color through sound. Which I can't say would be my favorite way. The whole thing definitely brings new meaning to the term "that color is loud". He also can see UV and IR spectrum via sound too. I'm not actually sure how it works because my brain was filled with other things. Like it didn't seem as odd in real life as the impression I'd gotten from the internet. Not one person asked how it worked because - sometimes you just don't think of the right questions because something is so unusual. You are trying to resolve a lot of other stuff in your head first.

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