Thursday, February 12, 2015

Conversations with Mr S.

Last night Mr S. and I were talking about my latest interaction with Oculus.

Me - I thought it was funny that when I walked up and they started to hand me this sheet of paper and started telling me the device could cause me some motion sickness. I kinda chuckled and told him I'd already used it a couple of times. He hands me the game controller. Gives me a quick navigation tutorial and I'm off.

This time I was standing though. And I actually got a little nervous. The previous times I'd used it I'd been sitting. So, if I wanted to opt out I could just close my eyes if I wanted to. I could feel myself swaying a bit because your brain thinks you are in a different space.

Me - I swear - Oculus is the best thing Zuckerberg ever bought.

Him - It sounds like you are becoming an Oculus evangelist.

Me - Whaaat? I don't think I'm becoming that.

Him - Before you were convinced no one would want to wear that. It was like a dive mask.

Me - Well,  I still hate all those things. The mask makes your face sweat. And I'm super germaphobic about it. I know the guy that just used it in front of me was probably some sweaty guy. And it messes up my hair. Yeah. I can be a gamer girl and still care about that.

Not like they are making game systems for me. Obviously. And I'm really aware of the screen door affect now. There are still a lot of things that bother me about it, but I think they will fix at least the screen door thing soon.

I swear though if they made a demo where they stuck a person on the head of a needle and put that needle in the grand canyon with the person on it, everyone trying it would freak out. You can't deny the technology is impressive.

As an aside - I'm still not sure if people will want to wear it though. I've been right about 3D glasses. I just threw out about a handful of 3D glasses I'd gathered over time. And so far I've been right about Glass. I just don't think most people want to wear glasses. I know people say a lot of things about people not minding sun glasses, and that may be true - but so far all I notice is that people do not want to wear glasses for the most part.

Everyone I've ever known has hated wearing glasses if they had to. No matter what people say I believe this is the human default. They will wear them if they have to, but for the most part they don't want to.

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