Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Autorama 2015.

I didn't really plan on this blog being so car heavy. It was really a side effect of the recession. This place used to be more of a consumer blog, but during the recession tech caved, and cars were the only thing I had to get my mind off my troubles.

Cars show American individualism at it's best. They are really an endless source of entertainment from the way the guys customize them - down to whether a personalized plate is funny enough to be worth paying for. Plus finding something people don't see that often is sort of a thrill.

Anyway... I started the article this way because I can't emphasise enough that during the recession, cars were my source of entertainment when the whole world sucked. Car guys always seemed to have enough money to come up with new ideas. Always. There is a lot of sweat equity in cars.

Now when the cars guys show strain, it really starts to worry me. And this is what happened this weekend when I was up in Sacramento at the Autorama. It's not a great car show. I'm usually in it for the super loud cars with audio systems that shred phone books. It's the only show I know of that the guys show these cars.

This weekend the Autorama was completely caved. The amount of cars being showed were way down. Which I thought was interesting since gas is also way down. They usually have has been celebs, but this weekend none were to be found. It's the first time I've ever seen that at this show. The whole show just made me feel horrible in general.

So, yesterday I just spent working in the garden to try and get my mind off the feeling of impending doom. I picked up a few cars I wasn't really excited about at all, but maybe people haven't seen them that much.

This car was sort of interesting only because the roof was made from glass and I'd never seen that before.

This Prowler I've seen a million times. I think it might actually live in my city. I didn't even care enough to make my shots straight. But I figure this car people don't get to see very often. So I'm posting it. I think they only made them one year.


  1. That glass roof is pretty neat. I had forgotten prowlers existed.

  2. I have that reaction to them too. Quickly followed by boredom. Now
    if they dropped a corvette motor in there..... or a jet engine! Or even a better paint job for shits sakes. I'm over these flames.

    They probably only exist in California because the snow would kill them.

    That glass roof thing was interesting, but I think it will melt your brain off. He made this whole system to circulate air to cool it down. Interesting concept, but I didn't think to look at the tag to see where the car came from, because you don't really want to be driving that car in 100+ temps. It would be an odd choice if he lived in Sacramento.