Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Meh, meh, and maybe.

Today I set out to get you something with lasers or robots. The lasers didn't have anything writable about. The robots.....I'm just out. I'm bored with this stuff. The only thing moving is robotic vision. Which is impressive, but isn't ideal to write about. You have to have a special audience. The hardware right now is running on retreads. I've been seeing this toy robot for it feels like a handful of years now.

If I walk in and see this is one of the only "robots" you have - all of a sudden I'm surly.

The one interesting thing I have observed lately is the way people interact with them now. Every trade show has to have some autonomous bot these days. They've infantilized them enough that people are starting to accept them better than I would have expected. Finally.

Anyway. As I was walking back to BART in SF I noticed Autodesk was allowing people to come up and see their imagination room. Or whatever they call it. I was hoping there might be some way to salvage this day. I did find it more interesting there than I did at my two trade shows.

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